Airtel 3g Datacard 7.2 & 21 Mbps speed  Just @ 999 NOw Wifi Datacard
 Call 9710012288/ 9080222113
Airtel PostPaid Datacard
PlanRate    PlanType     Fup        Post Fup
Rs.750       Unlimited     4GB      144Kbps
Rs.850       Unlimited     6GB      144Kbps
Rs.950       Unlimited     8GB      144Kbps
Rs.1250     Unlimited    10GB      144Kbps
Rs.1500     Unlimited    12GB      144Kbps
Airtel PrePaid Datacard Plans
Plan  Rate       Usagelimit
Rs 250 Plan     1GB
Rs 450 Plan     2GB
Rs 675 Plan     3.1GB
Bharti Airtel, commonly known as Airtel, We channel Partner only Call 9080222113.  Airtel is one of the leading Telecom Industries operating in more than 20 countries across Africa and South Asia. It is a major service operator in the Indian markets as well. It has made a remarkable presence by offering a wide range of services like Airtel Data Card and Airtel datacard services Airtel datacard services.
To benefit and attract more customers, the company has introduced a number of Airtel datacard plans with high speed internet connectivity attributes. It is benefiting users by providing them wireless datacard , internet, online television and other entertainment services at very cost effective rates. The Airtel datacard plans are offered for various purposes including Audio and Video conferencing, Content based services, Interactive gaming and many more.
Coming to Airtel Data Cards, the company has brought various exciting tariff plans to provide high speed internet connectivity at cost-effective rates. Like other network providers, Airtel is also providing both, prepaid and postpaid plans to cater to the diversified needs of its users. Apart from this, you can also enjoy fastest speed web browsing, downloading and video conferencing through its 3G Data cards.
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